While it's exciting to attend the college of your dreams, keeping your belongings safe can be challenging when you don't have the proper storage knowledge. You should know where your belongings can safely stay from semester to semester. Therefore, for safety and convenience reasons, here are the top student self-storage hacks every student need.

Getting the Right Size Self-Storage Unit

Like most college students, you don't need an extensive storage unit. A locker measuring a few inches can be ideal for your books and clothing. Another storage box measuring a few inches is also suitable for various items. The best storage hack is to rent a properly sized storage unit. Also, if you're studying and living off-campus, two self-storage units are essential for your needs—the non-climate-controlled unit and the climate-controlled unit.

Non-Climate-Controlled Storage Units

The non-climate-controlled storage units are ideal for outdoor uses operating like a garage. With these units, you can use them as your convenient car storage, making it effortless to load and unload items quickly and faster every time a vehicle comes to your place. You can also use a non-climate-controlled storage unit for storing items that aren't at risk of damages from various weather conditions like humidity and temperature. Also, they can serve you as storage places for large items like your car, motorbikes, and bicycles. 

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

If you're looking for a self-storage unit that maintains a stable temperature range, climate-controlled storage units are excellent options. They also offer added layers of protection against pests and robbers. With these units, you can store valuable and delicate items, especially those that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. You can store essential documents such as photographs, books, and anything you deem necessary. In addition, you can use a climate-controlled self-storage unit for keeping your mattress and electronic items.

Packing and Labeling Your Belongings

If you share a dormitory with others, keeping your stuff safe goes with labeling and packing. Find a few solid and high-quality packaging materials to help keep your belongings in place, making them easy to move anytime. Also, label them with your college admission number or name to help avoid confusing identical belongings from others.

Securing Access to Your Belongings

Because colleges admit many students with varying habits, keeping your belongings safe isn't something you want to overlook. Lock your boxes, lockers, and other storage units with a lock that you don't share a key with others or only share with roommates you trust. You can also install a monitored CCTV if you live off-campus and have to leave your place often for classes and play-offs.

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