Let's face it. Moving remains one of life's most stressful events. Whether you're moving locally or across the country, upgrading or downsizing, it's tough to declutter, donate or pitch items that have been part of your lifestyle for years. You have to pack belongings yourself or hire a packing service, try to live life as normally as possible while often feeling uprooted and out of control of your surroundings. Anxiety runs rampant, but you can alleviate some of that stress by confidently hiring pros and taking care of as many of the details as early as possible before you move.

Remember Most Movers Are Professionals

There are two ways to make sure that your movers are certified pros. The first one is checking them through the Better Business Bureau. If your moving company is listed there, that means that the company meets their accreditation requirements. The second to check is for certification through the American Moving & Storage Association or through the Department of Transportation.

Let the Movers Handle the Big Stuff

Once you know that your movers are pros, let them handle moving all the big furniture and boxes. If you're nervous about Aunt Matilda's antique armoire or grandma's fine china making the trip, watch them pack it or ask them for a demo how it would be packed and DIY. If you're super anxious about grandma's china, you can always take it to your new digs yourself. If you're moving cross country with kids and family pets, consider that it may be less stressful to simply trust your long-distance moving company to handle all the boxes. Many people rent storage units to house extra furniture and the like that may not fit in the new house right away.

Meet Challenges Head On

Lastly, be proactive and get all you can get done before the day the movers come. Kids and pets don't need to be at the house when you move, especially if your kids are young and need your undivided attention. Cart them off to the sitters or daycare until the movers do their job. Trying to make sure kids aren't underfoot goes a long way in avoiding potential chaos and undue anxiety.

Transfer your mail to your new address, schedule utility shut-offs, and your last trash pick-up at least a week before your move. Make sure to have plenty of cash for tipping the movers. Don't forget to pack a bag of essentials for your trip to the new house. If you're using local movers, you don't need much. If you're using long distance movers, you may need a few suitcases with things like extra clothing, toiletries, your favorite coffee cup, diapers, books, and toys for younger kids.

One in 5 Americans say moving is more stressful than planning a wedding or going for a job interview. Planning ahead of time reduces that stress and allows you to keep your anxiety at manageable levels.

If you need help with your move, talk to a local moving company, such as Local Motion.