Packing and moving can seem like an overwhelming prospect at times, but getting organized can help make the process of preparing for your move a bit easier. Here area a few things you can do to get organized so everything is ready when your movers arrive on the big day.

Create A Moving Calendar

If you don't already have a whiteboard calendar in your home, consider investing in one. This calendar should be used for only moving-related tasks. You can use it to jot down appointments with the moving company, deadlines for transferring utilities, and daily moving tasks. If your family will be helping prepare for the move, you can even use a color-coded marker system to let each family member know which moving tasks they own. Children may be in charge of cleaning out their closets to remove clothing that they've outgrown, while teenagers might be in charge of packing and sorting items found in the basement.

Set Up A Moving Binder

Your moving binder can be used in conjunction with your moving calendar to keep your family on-task. It should be filled with any to-do lists you need to have completed, and you can also use it to sort paperwork from your moving company, utility information, and even moving labels. Use plastic older or envelope inserts inside the binder to hold receipts for any rental equipment you might be using during the move or any incidentals you need to purchase. This is important if you are moving for work, as your expenses may be tax deductible. If you find that you have a lot of paperwork to put in the binder, or if you want to give everyone their own portable file folder filled with lists and tasks, consider using a file cabinet drawer instead of a binder. The drawer should be emptied out so they only documentation inside is related to the move.

Set Up A Donation And Sale Center

Throughout the packing process, you and your family are likely to come across items that you no longer need. These items can be sold or donated to local charities. Consider setting up a donation and sale center in one room of your home, and use this as the official drop-off spot for items that you want to get rid of but don't want to throw away. You can assign one family member to sort through the items to determine what can be sold at a garage sale and what should be donated. Remember that for some items, you may get more as a tax deduction for donating them than you might selling them at a yard sale.

Talk to your moving company about other tips you can use to get organized ahead of your move. With a bit of planning, you can be sure that your boxes will be sorted, packed, and ready to go on moving day.