When your boss tells you that you are getting a promotion but you have to move in three days if you want it, or the military-powers-that-be tell you that you have to be five thousand miles away by the weekend, how do you manage? For most people, it takes a month or more to prepare to move, and you have a matter of days. You will have to hire last minute movers, but how fast can these movers move you? Let's take a look.

A Team of Movers

Rather than sending just two or three movers, moving companies that manage last-minute moves send twice as many. Double the bodies means double the speed. This larger team of movers, ranging from four to eight movers, starts with all of your large furniture first. 

Systematic Moving to Maintain Speed

Usually within an hour and a half to two hours, all of your large furniture is on the truck. Small furniture goes in next, and finally the boxes. This systematic method of loading a truck means that everyone on the moving team knows exactly what is going out to the truck, when it is on the truck, and what is going to be moved next when all of the big stuff is out. It also means that everyone can move with greater speed and efficiency, and they will not be tripping over each other.

Packing Breakables

When it comes down to packing breakables, such as dishes and decorative items, the moving team dedicates about three or four hours to this part of the move. If there is enough time in the day after ALL of the furniture is on the truck, the movers will start in on the packing. You can be helping with the packing while the movers are moving the furniture, if you want to help. If there is not enough time to finish filling boxes and wrapping breakables for transport, the movers will return with a second truck the next day, and one less mover who is moving the full truck to your destination.

The Sum Total of Time Needed

The total amount of time needed to move a three-bedroom house or apartment is about eight to twelve hours. If you think the job can be (or needs to be!) accomplished in one day, then the time needed will be closer to twelve hours. If you can afford to split the packing and loading time up, a full day on the first day with whatever remains on the second day is the amount of time you will need.