So, you only have a couple of weeks to plan your move. You have so much to do and so little time to get it all done. What do you do? Well, you hire some help. You begin by calling around to get some quotes from moving companies but what information do you need to give them to get the most accurate quote? Below, you will find a few things that can add some fees to a quote, and that should be provided at the time of receiving the quote to avoid the unpleasant surprise of additional fees at the last minute.

Your Exact Location

Provide the moving company with your exact location. Go beyond providing just your street address as some issues could cause the fees of moving to increase. A few examples being:

Narrow Streets – If you live on a narrow street or the truck will need to take narrow streets to get to your home, you could face some additional fees. If a large moving truck is being used for the move, but it can't fit up your street, the movers may need to use a smaller truck to transport your things from your home to the larger moving truck resulting in a higher rate for the service.

Accessibility – If the movers have to carry and move your belongings quite a distance to get it from your home to the truck, you could face additional fees. So, if the truck cannot pull up directly to the house, let them know in advance.

Stairs – If the movers have to make several trips up and down stairs with your things, you could face an additional fee. Be sure to disclose the layout of your home or apartment so that the proper plans can be made.


The contents of your home could cause some additional fees. If you have a massive pool table or piano, you could be charged a fee for moving them. Think about the things that are more awkward and heavy than your living room sofa and disclose them at the time of the quote.

If anything needs to be disassembled to move, disclose them as well. This is especially true if you plan to have the movers disassemble and reassemble the items.

The more detailed information you can provide at the time of the quote, the more accurate the quote will be. Contact professional movers for more information and assistance.