Years ago, if you rented a storage unit, it was assumed that you'd be renting a rather large, garage-style unit. These big storage units are still available, but storage companies have begun offering smaller options, too. Small, 5' x 5' storage units are pretty easy to find now. They're a good option for anyone who just needs to store some off-season holiday decor or a few extra items during a move. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you intend to rent one of these smaller storage units.

Shop around for good prices

The market for small storage units is pretty competitive in most areas, which means there is probably more than one storage company you can rent from. So, it only makes sense to shop around. Get prices from a few different storage facilities before you choose one to rent from. Some companies may even price-match. If a storage facility a few minutes further from your home offers a better price, one closer to you might match that price in order to get your business instead. 

Get uniformly sized boxes

With such a small space, you need to be efficient when packing your storage unit. You don't want to have to worry about certain boxes not stacking on top of the others. So buy uniformly sized boxes to pack your items into. This way, they will stack neatly, and your stacks are less likely to tumble over on top of you or make a mess.

Bring a friend to help you load the unit

You might assume that with a small unit and only a few items, you can do this job on your own. But in a small storage unit, you may need to utilize vertical space. Sometimes, lifting a heavy box to the top of a stack is harder than you originally thought. You may also need someone else to hold the lower boxes in place as you add to stacks.

Plan for indoor storage

These small storage units are almost always loved inside a climate-controlled building. They are more like indoor closets than outdoor sheds. Keep this in mind as you decide what to put in storage. Items like leather, photos, and art are generally safe inside these units.

Smaller storage units have really changed the world of self-storage. No longer do you have to rent a big unit to store a few things! For more information, contact a local storage company.